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Pineapple Foaming Sugar Scrub


  • This Scent Will Make You Swim To The Caribbean Island In The Winter Time And Smells Good Enough To Eat But Don't...

  • Indulge In Our Luxurious Sugar Scrubs. Perfect for Exfoliating Your Entire Body, 

    Revealing  A Smoother, Brighter, More Even-Looking Complexion This Super Gentle,  Sugar Scrub melts Away Excess Oil, Buildup  Without Stripping skin.

  • Coconut Oil Provides For Extra Skin Softening Benefits, our Scrubs Will Leave Skin Soft  And Smooth  While Providing Added Moisture That Reveals A Radiant Skin Tone And Smooth Texture. 

  • Smells Of a Freshly Cut Pineapple While Sitting On The Beach With Your Toes In The Sand

    • This Scent Will Make You Feel Like Its Summer Time All Year Long
Ingredients: Cocoa Butter  Sugar Skin Safe Mica Coconut Oil Foaming Bath Soap Pineapple Fragrance