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Cucumber Melon Facial Bar

  • Does Your Skin Need Some Love If So Come Shop These Beautiful Bars
  • Activated Charcoal Has Many Benefits For Skin 
  • Removes Impurities The Natural Way
  • No Harsh Residue
  • Pumice Is A Powder Acting As A Gentle Exfoliant To Remove Dead Skin Cells, Clean pores, and Restore Skin Vibrancy.
  •  Pumice powder is made from pumice, a kind of igneous rock that is formed when a volcano erupts
  • Made With Goats Milk Soap With Ingredients That Help Remove Dead Skin
  • 2.0-2.2  Oz Bars Weight May Vary
  Ingredients: Goats Milk Soap, Cucumber Melon Scented Fragrance Oils, Skin Safe Mica, Activated Charcoal, Pumice Coconut Oil